Sammi Lee is a creatrix currently living in oregon. With roots from Tucson and a love for the west coast, her deep connection to nature has always helped fuel her creative spirit. As she grew up inspired by the many artists and musicians that surrounded her, the passion to share her optimistic and multidimensional visions of our world grew and is ever evolving. She loves to explore the realms that color, light and shadow can create through figurative, surrealist and abstract forms, Sammi creates many pieces of art for her own expression and exploration of style, and has developed a versatile set of design skills that  can focus on form and function as well. She has experience live painting at events and working on the production team for festivals like lightning in a bottle, and good vibe getdown. sammi has a  bachelor of science degree in art and technology from the university of oregon where she  focused  on digital design, interactivity, and 3d art, as well as expanding her body of drawings, paintings, and clothing designs for  Mintaka collection. Through her diverse forms of expressions, sammi hopes to bring more beauty to the world, one piece at a time.. 
For live painting bookings, commissions, or collaborations, please head to the contact page listed above or email 

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