Digital Painting created in photoshop
animated in after effects
Available for purchase on opensea

This 1 minute looping animation was inspired by the ancient Greek Sun God, Helios, and the historical artwork and symbolism that surrounds his story. Throughout history, Helios has been depicted wearing his crown while riding his horse drawn chariot every day from east to west across the sky. Just as the sun is a symbol for life and time, mandalas are a symbol of the cycle of life and universal interconnection. The mandala makes one full rotation at one minute, acting as a kind of clock or sundial, symbolizing the sun's influence on our perception of time. As a fun nod to the connection between party balloons and Helios, the history of the word "helium" being derived from "Helios" inspired the pink and purple colors. I hope you enjoy this animation along with the story that inspired it. If you would like to learn more about how it was made, head to the link connected that will lead you to my portfolio.
To help more than offset the carbon emissions created from this piece, a portion of the profits will go to to offset 22,050 lbs of CO2

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